Ulu Knives

Ulu (pronounced OO-loo) was originally used by the Native Alaskan People over five thousand years ago. It is a very versatile cutting tool and was primarily used by the Eskimo women to skin and clean fish as part of the survival tactic of the Artic people. It was even used for splitting hides and making clothes. Ancient Ulu Bade were usually made of slate. The handles were made of bone, wood ivory, or antler and often became works of art in the hands of skilled carvers. Today it can be used for cutting meat and vegetables among other things. 

The art of Scrimshaw dates back to the whaling days over 200 years ago.  Scrimshaw refers to the carvings or engravings done on antler, bone or ivory.  This nearly forgotten art is still being kept alive today in the same manner that it was in the past days of whaling to create these scrimshaw ulus. 

All of our ulu knives are are handcrafted by Alaskan artists using natural materials, particularly Moose antler. Because each pieces is handcrafted, no two pieces are exactly alike.

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