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Jade is actually two separate gems: nephrite and jadeite. Jade is not only found in the color green, but also in white, orange, yellow, lavender, and black. It has its cultural roots in the smoked-simmed caves and hits that sheltered prehistoric humans. Stone Abe workers shaped jade, the toughest of gems, into weapons, tools, ornaments, and ritual objects.

For both jadeite and nephrite, green is the most valued colors. Semi-trans parents clarity and fine texture also increase jade’s value exponentially. The finest jadeite, which is almost transparent with a vibrant, emerald green, is known as “imperial jade”.

Jade is typically sold by the piece rather than by the weight, as slight size and color differences can make a great difference in price. 

In Central America, the Mayans and the Aztecs prized jadeite jade, using it for medicinal purposes as well as jewelry, ornaments and religious artifacts. 

The name jade comes from the Spanish expression “piedra de ijada” literally translating to “stone of the pain in the side”. Early Spanish explorers named it after they saw natives holding pieces of the stone to their sides to cure or relieve various aches and pains. 

Jadeite also symbolizes prosperity, success, and good luck.

Jade is the official gem for the 12th anniversary.

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