Unsmoked Sockeye Salmon Can

For those who enjoy fresh salmon, this is the right product for you. This canned product contains 6oz of fresh Sockeye Salmon of optimal delight. Wild caught from Alaskan Waters and Sustainably Sourced, each individual can is hand packed. Because this version of canned salmon is NOT smoked, you can enjoy the fresh taste of Sockeye in the way nature intended it to be.

Most canneries put out products that contain a lot of additives and farmed fish that are malnourished and overstressed resulting in lower grade products. Unlike those facilities our Wild Alaskan sockeye comes from the natural Glacier Fed Waters of South East Alaska.

The shelf life of this product is 5 years but after the 5 years it only start to lose nutritional value; the flavor and taste is still exactly the same.

Please allow us 3 business days to process the order.

Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail in a Flat Rate Box.