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Alaska State Gemstone: Jade

Jade is actually two separate gems: nephrite and jadeite. Jade is not only found in the color green, but also in white, orange, yellow, lavender, and black. It has its cultural roots in the smoked-simmed caves and hits that sheltered prehistoric humans. Stone Abe workers shaped jade, the toughest of gems, into weapons, tools, ornaments, and ritual objects.

To learn more about Jade, like the most desirable and what anniversary has Jade as the official gem, click ”Learn More“ below to read our blog post.

Birthstone of the Month

December born are very lucky- they have many options to choose from! The month of December has 3 birthstones- Tanzanite, Turquoise, and Zircon. The common factor between the three: if blue is what you are looking for, all three have their own unique take on the beautiful hue. Where do the many options come into play? The Zircon is available in in a variety of rainbow colors.

Turquoise has been cherished for millennia. The Pharoahs and other rulers of ancient Egypt adorned themselves with it.

Tanzanite is probably the most popular and desired birthstone of the 3. Although relatively new to th worle of colored gemstones, it was one of the most exciting gem discoveries of the 20th century.

The Zircon, during the Middle Ages, was thought to lull one into a deep sleep and scare off evil spirits.

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About Us

Colors Fine Jewelers is a family owned business located in Ketchikan, Alaska. Originally, the parent company, Soni Jewelers, opened its doors in 1999. From solely selling jewelry, we have expanded our horizons to incorporate beautiful artwork and sculptures made in and around Alaska. Our mission is to keep our commitment to our customers by putting them first and making sure their needs are always met. 

Our Guarantee

At Colors, we offer a life time guarantee of authenticity, certifying that all pieces purchased are genuine. If something is not what we say it is, you have our guarantee that we will make it right.
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Shop with Confidence

At Colors, we want you to have a shopping experience that is memorable and worry free. We want you to feel confident in the purchase you make and that it is the best decision. We pride ourselves in having a responsive customer service team to always help meet your needs. It is about the quality and design of the piece, as well as making sure that every client walks away with a smile on their face and continues to come back.
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Great Variety

We like to offer a large selection of items so that one can never get bored. From fine jewelry set in gold with diamonds to semi-precious and birthstones set in silver, along with unique sculptures and works of art, we’ve built a platform that has a variety of items in all price ranges. Don’t see anything you like? Contact us and tell us what you’re looking for and we will help you complete your mission.
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